Thursday, September 18, 2008

Working in a "Mans" World

I feel like I work in a mans world. The job I have now I work with all man. My boss is a woman but she works in another building. She only stops by once a day if that to see how we are doing or to drop off our checks. I've been in woodworking for almost 10 years now, and at every job it's been mostly guys. Every woman's dream right. Wrong!! I'm not saying it's bad, just they see me as "one of the guys" when they talk. Sometimes they forget I'm a girl. You should hear what comes out of their mouths. I'm not saying I don't say stuff my mother wouldn't be proud of. Sometimes I like that they see me as one of the guys because they know I can do the job and get it done. It's the small stuff that drives me crazy, like today. I'm walking past the door to the bathroom and there is one of the guys standing there going!!! Hello!!! door!!! USE IT!!! The other day they were looking at a woman walking by the shop and told me to look, I'm a GIRL don't care!! I wish another woman worked there. So I could talk about cramps, hair, even shoes would be nice. Not saying I don't like talking about the new POWER tools, and cars. We all have the company shirts we have to wear and jeans so I try to wear pink stuff like sneaker, belt, and earrings so I don't look like "one of the guys". I even put pink tape on my tools!! They still use them, and lose them.

I worked at a job for these people who were married. I loved the job until the boss guy asked me if I wanted a "raise". I told him I didn't think his wife would like that to much. I didn't work there to much longer after that was said, my friend and I quit. That is the part of working in this type of job I hate. Just because I work around guys don't mean I'm "that" way. I know other women who are like that and so I feel that's how everyone see me. I hate that!!

One of the guys that I work with is breaking up with his ex-wife. They got back together after they got divorced, and see once again that it's not going to work. So when I started to work there 5 years ago she hated me because I was a woman. A woman working at a place that only had guys. She had no worries until I got there. She always thought her ex-husband and I were doing things together. He would always apologize for what she would say about me. The other day she was very mad that him in the driveway to our shop and just started yelling I was a slut whore and other stuff. Everyone could hear her. I know it's not true, but it still hurt. My husband has always been by my side. I tell him everything at happens at work, he isn't always happy about what the guys are saying but at lest I come home and tell him everything. Sometimes I wish I didn't tell him every detail but I do. I just wish she knew that I love only my husband and family. She has gone to the point to call my husband at his work saying that I've done things and he should know about them. My husband and I are happy together and will always be because we talk to eachother and trust eachother. He knows it's not ture. That is what a good marrage is all about. That is what we didn't have in our first marrage, why would we want to do that to eachother being that's why we're not in our first marrage. Sorry I keep going on and on. I really just need to vent.

I do love the job I'm at now. They treat me like family. I hope to be there a long time to come.

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