Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Hair Day Means, Good Day

I have found when ever I have a good hair day, the rest of the day goes great. Not that I even have to do my hair for work. No one really sees me. Only the two guys that work with me, and they could care less. I just like to feel good about myself, and you never know when "someone" might drop by. Friday was a good hair day for me so I knew the rest of the day would be great. I got to leave work an hour early witch was great being John and I had planned dinner, drinks and cards with some friends. We all had a great time. John's cooking was to die for. He made meat balls, chicken wings, chilly, corn muffins, and deviled eggs We even played pool down stairs. The last person went home after 12am. Being I was home I had a little to drink, I think a little to much to drink. My friend got the bright idea to do some shots. That's what did it for me. "Oh your a baby you only did one shot, you should have another with me!!" and so I would. Ya won't be doing that again anytime soon. It was fun to let lose everyone had a great time. The next day everything was spinning. It didn't go away for a while. I never had it like that before, and I don't want to. What was I thinking I'm to old for this!!! After I was up and dressed and I won't tell you what time that was, John and I headed to Portland to do some price checking on Pellet Stoves. We are really thinking about getting one. Not just because of fuel prices it's because we want heat in the basement and don't want to deal with cutting wood or having the place to put it all. So in time we might get one. We also did some dream shopping looking for washer and dryers. I couldn't believe the cool colors they come in now. We liked the red ones because they would have to go on John's pool side of the basement and his colors are going to be red, black, and chrome. He's doing a car theme. I'll have to do before and after picture if we ever get moving on that project. After dream shopping with had dinner and came home.

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