Monday, September 22, 2008

Corn Maze

On Sunday I wanted to take Joshua to a Corn Maze in Poland that I heard about. I asked John if he would want to go and he really didn't. I told him I was hoping to do it as a family. He gave in. Joshua then asked if his grandmother could go. So we called her up and she said yes. I really didn't think she would. So we drove all the way out there. It was at the Harvest Hill Farms. It wasn't just a Maze, there were clue games to play along the way. The theme was Pirate Treasure.

There was a map you got and could only see if you had the Maize-o-vision glasses on.
John was the map hog. He turned into a little kid. For someone who didn't want to go in the first place sure had a lot of fun. He was mapping out where we were, where we've been. Looking for the clues. I had to keep tell John that Joshua needed a turn too. I'm tell you it was like I had two boys.

They also gave you a flag so when you got lost and couldn't find your way out all you had to do is hold it up really high and yell HELP!!! We never did it but Joshua sure wanted to.

There were different color zones to help you out. We found all the clues but one. Joshua was more then ready to go. We were in the Maze for over 2 hours.

In the Maze we found two friends. Joshua wanted me to show you. When we were done with the Maze we went into the petting barn. The pigs were so cute. I asked John if we could get some pigs, he said we already had one, Sadie.

Mom found a friend too. The pony kept giving her the puppy eyes, like don't leave me! I love you! Can I come home with you? look!! I would take the pony home in a heart beat, John said no again. All in all we had a great day.

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