Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby News

It's been a while from the last time I have wrote. I haven't wrote about my friend yet because I wasn't sure if she was OK with it. Well she is!! Her name is Becky and she is having a baby. I've been going to her doctors appointment with her when her husband couldn't. September 11 was her ultrasound. Becky, Keith (her husband) John and I went to this appointment. John had off so I asked if he could go too. She was more then happy to have him there. Being they did ask us a week earlier to be the God parents for the baby it was great. I was very touched that they would have us, not anyone in her family. Not that anything is wrong with her family, just I guess she see us as family. I cried when she asked and was over joyed.

She was hoping to find out if she was having a boy or a girl. We found out it was going to BOY!!!!!!

After we got done with the appointment we went to Cabela's an outdoor and hunting store. They wanted to get the baby his first hunting clothes. They picked up a little hat and glove set. So cute. We also went to Baby's R Us. It makes me want to have another one.

On Friday we had Keith and Becky over for dinner. What a fun time we had. Another friend stopped by too. We had them over until 11:30. I love having people over. Now that we have a house it's so much fun. On Sat we painted the baby's room blue. On Sunday we helped with the crib that we gave to them that we got from a friend for free. Every little bit helps. A young couple with a baby on the way need anything and everything they can get. I'm always looking for things to help them out.

Even Joshua helped with the wheels on the crib.


flying fish said...

It's funny, Maine and Alaska are about as far apart physically as they can be, but if new parents here could get to Cabella's to buy baby stuff, they'd be so happy! Congratulations on being family to the new boy!

flying fish said...

I was hoping to be able to add to my previous post...was reading further down in your blog about being back to work, yay for work! I was sort of combining ideas here...the rest of my firewood came today just before I had to go to work. I was feeling pretty good about having a lot of wood and a job at the same time.