Monday, August 25, 2008


Did you know you could put two kayak IN a mini van with the seat folded down if you put them in just right?? Well you can!!! We use to have a truck. Now that we don't this is how I move them. I'm looking for the things that hold them on the roof. Because only two people can sit in the van when they are in it. So the other day I took my mother kayaking on a small pond here in Maine. We were there for about 2 hours just enjoying the beautiful day. I was fishing and she was looking at everything and anything. We saw two turtles sun bathing on a log. The sun made it so we could see the fish swimming around under us. You think I could catch one, NO. I watched them as the would swim up to my line, hit it with their mouth and swim away. They were playing with me, and I didn't think it was funny at all. I wanted to eat them for lunch, but no luck. So I gave up and just paddled around with my mom. We went around the small island that is there. So small that the island only has two or more pine trees, and a ton of blueberry brushes. I saw some of the brushes moving. I paddled up where they were. Something big was in there!!! I thought a dog, baby bear, something big. What would swim over to an island and eat blueberries???? It really started to move so I paddled away from the island because I didn't want it to jump onto my kayak and eat me. I heard noise on the other side of the island. What ever it was it was getting into the water, so we paddled around so we could see what it was. So much for the big animal, they were two ducks, and another four ducks. So six ducks sound like a big animal in bushes. My mom and I laughed as we watched the brown and green ducks swim to the shore. As the ducks were swimming SOMETHING HUGE came shooting out of the water from under the last ducks. This time I'm not joking I saw it with my two eye. It was a huge loon. He shoot out so fast the duck quacked loud in fear of their little feathered lives. The ducks tried to fly as their little feet skimmed the top of the water. They all made it across some with a few less feathers. The loon would push himself up out of the water and opening his wings to full length. He tried to make himself look bigger then he already was. The only reason I think it was a male is because there was another loon at the pond that was a lot smaller. I was never that close to a loon before. They have red eyes, or brown. In the sun they looked red to me. What a beautiful bird. After the ducks were out of site of the loon, he then was looking at us. He didn't like us so close so he dove into the water and popped back up far away from us. They sure can swim a ways under water. After that we called it a day. We didn't want him coming up under us!!! Would they do that????

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