Monday, August 25, 2008

Flowers Become A Fish

I was working on some of my art today. I started working on the one that I started a few days ago. Hoping to come up with some new stuff but nothing hit me until I was working on it.
I looked at how I should stop and end the drops around the flowers. Should I make it round, odd shape, or square? As I kept looking I saw what I wanted to do for my next drawing. A fish. The smallest flowers on the right looked like an eye, the little indent looked like a fish's mouth.
So I stopped on this one and started a new one. I drew it on paper first.
Then I started on a new paper and came up with this. I know it needs work. I will try to make a new one that looks more like a fish. Maybe I'll come up with other fish or things in the sea to draw?? Let me know what you think. Remember I'm new at this. I only draw for fun and really should take a class!!!!

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