Friday, August 22, 2008

To Much Distance

Yesterday I drove over an hour and a half to drop Joshua off at my brother Tony's house. This will be the furthest Joshua has ever been from me. When it was time for me to go we said our good byes. I started to walk out the door and Joshua started to cry. I really didn't think he would do that. He said he didn't want me to go. I needed to stay. We talked about how I'm only a little ways away and he could always call me if he needed to. He was OK with that, he went back to playing with his cousin. I went out the door, got in my van and drove away. He didn't even look out the window and wave!?!! So he is fine. I talked to my brother when I got home to see how he was doing . Joshua was already in bed. I think it hit me harder them him. I know he is in good hands, just if something was to happen he's one and a half hours away. I know get over myself. I will.

On our way to Tony's we found pigs, or I should say BIG PIGS!!! I had to stop and get a picture. They were just to cute.

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