Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hampton Beach NH

The other day I told my husband John that I really wanted to go to the ocean. We only went once so far this summer. Just drive down to the coast and see what we could find. At his work he was talking to some of his friend about going and someone said what about Hampton Beach in NH. So John told me about it and I said I didn't care where on the coast we went. I just wanted to go with no plan just drive and find things as we go. I like to go places with no plan, schedule, and no looking at your watch (only for the car meter). So today we took a long drive to Hampton Beach . We drove along the coast and stop every place there was a parking lot and walked around looking for shell and rocks. The weather was great at first. By the time we made it to the real beach to go swimming a really bad storm was rolling in. We parked the car fed the meter, started walked down to the water and the lifeguards were calling everyone out of the water and off the beach because of the storm. Joshua was very upset and mad because we drove all that way and he couldn't go in the water.

So the rain started, we ran up to the building to stay dry, and to look for a place to eat. We found a great restaurant and had a seafood lunch as the storm was over head. We watched the lighting as we ate. John and Joshua found a huge indoor race car set. So they just had to play with that. My two boys. They are the greatest.

By the time we were done the sun started to come out. When it did there was a beautiful rainbow, then two rainbows. It was a site to see over the ocean. If you don't know me I LOVE the ocean. The smells and sounds of the ocean makes me so happy. I could sit there for hours on end. So to see two rainbows made my day.

We had to start heading home around 5:00, so on our way back we stop at all the places we missed on the way down. We stoped at a park I don't remember the name of it. There were old parts of a fort that was there. We also saw a wild rabbit. It was so cute. That too made my day, because I love to animals of all kinds.

After that on the side of the road there was a sculpture. Once again something beautiful. It was carved with hammer and chisel. Wow the things people can do just blows my mind. That was the end of our trip. We spent the whole day together and that's all that matter to me. We got home around 8:30. Oh my mother let Sadie out and feed her while we were gone. Thanks mom!!

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Steve Hildebrand said...

Sounds like a fun and relaxing trip. Sticks you didn't get to go in the water. I'm like you, I love the ocean. I could be there 24/7. The race track looked cool too.