Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School Shopping

I think my son is one of the best kids to go school shopping with. If it was up to him he won't buy any new clothes. What mother doesn't love to hear that. Only I'm not sending him to school with holes in his jeans. I would have to say Josh keeps his clothes very nice, but you have to get some new clothes for school it's a must. So we went shopping Monday. The one thing Josh does hate is to try the clothes on. He kept telling me" just buy it I'll wear it". I had to tell him "I'm not buying it to find out you don't fit in it" So he dragged himself into the changing room. Good thing he did because some of the stuff he didn't like the way it felt on him. So we got some shopping done. We have some more to do, but you can't make a whole day of it with him because he hate to shop.

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Ole Buford said...

Sounds like most boys when it comes to shopping. My middle brother was Mr G Q when it came to clothes. My youngest brother and I didn't care.
Girls like to try on clothes, boys don't. What young boy wants to do something that girls like? No way.