Thursday, August 14, 2008

Greatest American Dog

My son Josh and I just got done watching Greatest American Dog. We love it. For any dog lover if your not watching it you should. It's like Big Brother with dogs. By the way I love Big Brother too. We have learned a little from watching the dog show. I think Sadie could do some of the challenges, at lest the ones with food. Being I'm still not at work I've been teaching Sadie new tricks. Like roll over. I know, who knew a fat dog could roll over. Well she is round, round rolls right?! Ok she still needs a little help getting over. I have also got her doing the army crawl. She start to crawl on all fours then straiten her back legs and drags herself along the floor. It's funny to watch because she wants the treat so bad she goes crazy. I should start using smaller treats that way she wouldn't be as fat!!

1 comment:

Steve Hildebrand said...

Your dog sounds smart! Let's see if you can train Lacey too :)
Then, if your succesful with her, come train my dogs! I can't even get them to come sometimes.