Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yard Sale Find

John and I went to some yard sales on Saturday. John found more shelves for me to refinish and sell!! We also found a beautiful fish plate that came from Greece! The wonderful woman selling it said so was there and brought it home with her. She was so sweet when she was talking to John and I. She called us newlyweds!! We have been married now for over 8 years. So many people tell us that we are a cute couple. I love it!! Sure puts a smile on my face. Anywho... here is the plate!!

We also got a mirror that I have always wanted!! One that is dark wood and a thick frame. I put them both in the kitchen. I love getting new things, the part I hate is every time I get something new I have to redo the whole room its going in. I have been getting rid of things that have no meaning to us and that just take up space. I want to have to clean around less.

Hope your weekend is going as well as mine!!

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