Thursday, May 12, 2011

Horseback Riding

Today we got to ride Jake!!! We rode Sol on Tuesday but he wasn't really up to it. We are going to work on both of them because over the winter they didn't get out much. So today was time for Jake. Jake isn't a big horse his a big lovable teddy bear!! I can't wait to ride him more! We plan on going out on trails as soon as the two of them get worked enough.

Here is my fat ass on Jake poor thing!!

This is Charity on Jake. She was so meant for him. You can see how happy Jake is to see her when we get up to the barn. I wish I could have a horse too! I keep asking Santa for one for Christmas! It doesn't have to be pink!!

He wanted his picture taken.

Sleeping horse! Shhhhh.... The black one in the back needs a V8!!

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