Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is Coming

I love Spring!! Who doesn't right. After a winter of snow, ice, cold and gas prices!!! I want warmer weather bad. The past few days it has been really nice here. Snow is melting and my garden is slowly become uncovered!! I was able to remove the white metal Christmas Tree out of the ground in the garden today!! I also clipped back some of my rhododendrons. I didn't see anything green popping up yet but I know it won't be long. The way the sun shines on the front of the house makes it like a green house for my garden. I will post pictures as things start to pop up. I had added plants this pass fall from a good friend Tom (Mountain Man). We will see shortly if they made it!

I will have to replace one of the four pine tree that I transplanted from my mothers back yard into mine. Last fall it was starting to turn brown. So I have to go measure the living ones and try to find one the same! It's funny because a lot of the planting and landscaping I have done is from other peoples woods. I have the four pine trees from way out back in the woods at my moms. Most of the rocks that go around my flower gardens out front are from my mothers back yard. I was told NEVER EVER to take the rocks off ANY of the rock walls. So on the ground I would dig some of them up. Most measure 6" to 10". Way back when, the land out there was used for dumping so they blasted holes into the ground that made the rocks come up so they aren't hard to find. I just have to use the kids wagon to bring them back to the house. I can only put two at a time or the wagon wheels start to bend. So it's a work out too! lol

A lot of the flowers I have added the past two years are from Tom. His father had these beautiful flower gardens that he would work on all the time. Tom's father passed away and Tom is not one to work in a garden so he just mow them down every year. He told me to dig up what I want. So every year I grab more. I now dig a lot up for my moms front yard by the road.

With the snow melting I have found more roof shingles in the yard. We have to go up and fix that soon. Every bad wind storm we get more come flying off. The are the ones from the very top and some are from the very bottom.....that suck because the have to try to get them under the ones still there without braking them. So I need a hot day to make them softer!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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