Monday, February 14, 2011

A Horse Filled Valentines Day

Josh wanted to go to the horse barn again today. Being it was a lot warmer out I was all for it. When I was there Sunday with Charity it was cold. We stayed for a while checking out all the horse there. He are only some of the horse that we are up there.

Josh hanging with the goats!
When we got home John told me a package came in the mail for me. I got John this wolf watercolor for him Birthday!! I order it from
an Etsy shop!! It came in the mail today, so I have to give it to him on Valentines Day!! The horse print was a free gift!! That one is mine lol!! So we both got a Valentines gift!! I can't wait to hang them up. Thank you so much Maure!!!! I love them both so much! Can't wait to show them off!!!

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