Friday, January 14, 2011

What a Week!

With all the snow, helping to paint, meeting people, and making jewelry this week as flown by! I got so much done, meet some great people and building stock on jewelry.

I helped some good friends of our, Jodie & Chris paint part of their sons room. It was John Deer Green. I thought it was so cool. They are thinking its too green. So not sure if it will be repainted or not.

Jodie is the one who introduce me to a woman by the name of Sharon Emery. She makes Custom Designed Jewelry too. I got to ask her questions and she even showed me how to do some trick of the trade. Sharon told me I could stop by anytime and she would work with me! Now that is very sweet. Someone you just meet willing to take the time to sit and teach you. Love it! Sharon has a little store right at her house! How cool is that. Something to think about hmmmm!

This week I finished up the jewelry for Kids Hunting For A Cure. Chandra the woman who is holding the dinner came by the house to pick them up. She was very please with what I gave her! Then Chandra took the goodies to her work so the women there could see them!!! Thank you Chandra!!! I also made other earrings for stock and to sell, here they are...
Now the snow!! We sure got a lot of it. We have to keep digging out because it keeps blowing around. John did the snow blowing and I did the digging around the spots he couldn't get. Josh and I made it up to my mom's house to help out a little on Thursday. We did some digging, playing, and digging some more. The dogs even did their running around. Well more like plowing around out in the snow. It's so deep for them it's funny to see them try to run.

Hope everyone had a great week!
Keep on smiling :O)

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