Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trying to stay up beat!

I told myself starting this year, I'm not going to get upset or worked up about things! Look at the bright side, keep my head up.....well when you find out things that have to do with your kid, it's kind of hard. When you can't vent on your blog because you know that it could get back to the wrong people sucks out loud! Can you hear it.....suck...suck.....suck.....I got to vent to John and he to feels the same way! So it's not me being crazy....well I am crazy lol.

I know :O) I know :O). Deep breath in and out! Ok a little better. Let me show you a new item. I think it's cool. So do a lot of people on Etsy. If you want to see more about it check out my craft blog please!! It's a part of a record!

Oh another thing that keeps driving me crazy!! I know put me in the nut house right. Today and it has happened 5 time before today. There is a knock at the door. Someone asking if the car we have sitting in our yard is for sale. Soooooo bad I want to say "is there a f*ing sale sign on the car??....then no dumb ass it's not for sale!!" Our Subaru has been sitting by our house for a few months not being used. It needs some work and we just don't have the cash right now to fix it. The car is all the way at the back of our driveway, in the grass at that. It's not down front by the road, so why do people keep coming to our house asking!!! So I asked John to go out and write on the windshield NOT 4 SALE. I hope that helps! lol Because if ONE person knocks and asks I'm just going to call them a dumb ass right off the bat! hehehe

Ahhhhh..... I feel better now thank you for letting me kinda vent!

:O) Crazy Nut Job

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