Sunday, January 2, 2011

It all starts with a dresser!

Let me start with.....John and I have been talking about making a bigger island out of the bottom of a hutch that was given to us a while back. Here is the hutch now....sad shape but keep in mind I'm going to be redoing it!! Here it is......We have it by our half wall on the side of the kitchen that is next to the living room. We have to feed our cats on the top because that's the only place we can come up with so Sadie (the dog) can't eat it. So in it's place we put the new cabinet that my brother Glen and his wife Denise gave to us. It looks so much better. Only the white doesn't go with my Tuscan kitchen!! I could paint and wax it like I'm going to be doing to the new island. Oh ya the old island (way to small)..... When I go to paint and wax the island it's going to match my Jelly cabinet that I made years ago. Here is my Jelly....

Only if I could sell this kind of stuff on Etsy!!!! Anyways, this is what the new island is going to be finished like. It is going to have new top put on so people can sit on the stools. Can't wait to get it done.
Now all because of this new cabinet the van got vacuumed out. Only because the seat had to come out, so why not vacuum it!!! When putting everything in its new place from the old island, we found things we really don't need or things that could go better somewhere else in the house. So that lead to John cleaning out the spice cabinet, now I have bottles for my beads!!!!! Ya for me!!! Now the little island is going to be a very small bar for down stair by the pool table that we never use!!
So all in all it was a great day cleaning and fixing things up.
OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH ya when we were at Glen's house picking up the cabinet he made popcorn in the microwave, then got sucked into a video game with us and it burned so bad it smoked up the whole house!!! Every window had to be opened. Then we went home smelling like burned popcorn. As I sit here typing I can still smell it on me! Shower time!!!
Hope everyone had a great day like we did!

I also forgot to say that we are missing about 5 bottoms of our Ziploc container that John took out of the small island and haven't been seen since!!!! We have looked everywhere for them except for where they are!!!

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