Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm glad to hear that some people are still checking in on my blog. I want to thank you for your comments about my blog. You are so right I can and will find the time to blog at least once a week or more. I'm so dumb went it comes to the computer. I now will write at home and copy it to my blog. Yep I'm that dumb, I could have been doing that along. See once I would get the the library I would lose thought about what to write. There is just something about being in my house, no one around and I can just flow with my thoughts. Plus I only have so much time at the library to get my stuff done before having to get home. At home I could set down when I have time, and right now that is far and between to find.

I have been working my normal hours at work but I have been going to my mothers house after work to mow the lawn, rototill the garden. I feel so bad, my mother has always used the push mower to do around the trees and near the house. I would then mow the rest. It takes me about an hour and a half. Well the other day I did the push mowing because she has been sick. OH MY GOD I had no idea it was so hard to do. I don't know why I just looked pass it. But now that I did it I don't want her doing it again. I don't care that its more work for me. Sitting and riding is nothing, but pushing that mower up the hill area and everywhere in between sucks big time. It was a workout no need for a gym now for sure. I really can't believe my mother was doing that all this time. Sitting on the riding mower is like downtime for me. I stick my ear buds from my i-pod in and drive the little go-cart like mower around the yard as I grove to my turns.

I rototilled the garden two time, and my mother has planted some stuff. I told her I would help this year with the garden and I would plant things up there too. We have been planting things in pot here at our house the pass few years and they just dry out way to quick because we get full sun all day long, and the plants would never have enough water. So my plan is to help her up there and have a better garden because the two of us will be working in it. We shall see how that goes!!!!

My work is going so so. So far no lay offs. Work is trickling in little by little. Just enough to keep me working. To tell you the truth. I wouldn't mind a lay off only because that would give me more time to get projects around my house and my mothers house done, and the best thing would be spending time with my son Joshua. Being he still likes hanging with him mom!!!! He turns 12 this Aug. and I know soon hanging with your mom is not going to be cool.

Speaking of Joshua his last day of school is this Friday!!!!! His is going into 7th grade!!!! I am getting old!!!! Specking of old my birthday is the 12th, old, old, old I am getting!!!! Grrrrrr.....

Time is flying by way to fast!!!! Now that I know I can't write at home then post it later you will be hearing from me more. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. All I do know is it makes me happy!!! and to tell you the truth thats all that matter to me. If you like to read what I write that makes me even more happy!!!!!

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Barbara said...

Oh my gosh!!!! How wonderful to have to back. I would check every day with my fingers crossed.