Friday, June 18, 2010


I've have been wanting to post for the last couple of days but I couldn't even get out of the house. Not by choice it was because I could not stand up without pain in my lower back. For about 4 days I had this pain in my back and I was just working through it. Well Wednesday wee hours of the morning I kept waking up with pain and having to go to the bathroom. I never get up to go pee in the middle of the night. Well around 5:00am I just couldn't take it anymore, I was in a ball crying because of the pain. By 5:30 I was dropping Josh off at my mothers and heading to the ER. John was not with me because he had to go to work, I wanted him to go to work. He knew I could go on my own, plus we need the money. I walked slowly into the ER told them what was wrong, they asked if I had burning when I pee, NOPE. They asked if I had a fever, NOPE. So they had me pee in a cup (love that). They ran their test while I laid in a ball on the ER bed with tears running down my face because of the pain. They came back after a while to tell me that I had a very bad kidney infection!! Who Knew a kidney infection. All this time I thought it was from moving heavy stuff. I never had any signs of it. They couldn't believe it. So they sent me home with with a ton of medicines. I loved the thought of a pain med at that point. I hate taking pills but I was so ready to take that one. Well it took the pain away which I was very happy only it made me sick to my stomach. So then I had the choice of pain in my lower back or feeling so sick you can't even sit up, eat or have your eyes open. I picked the back pain. For two days I was in bed and now it's Friday and I still didn't go to work but feel better. Moving around is getting better. I still have lower back pain but nothing I can't handle as long as I'm just sitting or laying around.

It's funny when the ER doctor was talking to me. He looked right into my eye, lean forward and said "you are very sick" and I thought to myself "no shit". I would never let my body go though all of this if I knew the signs. But hello, remember there were no signs of any kind. I was very scared thinking if I just let it go what could have happened.

So that in a nut shell is what has been going on with me. Hope all is well in your own little worlds!!

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murphy343 said...

You will have to start drinking Cranberry Juice with your breakfast or/and other meals. It keeps you from getting those Kidney infections. My wife and I have used it for years. You can also get Cranberry tablets if you don't like the juice. I have used those and they work just as well. Hope you are all well soon. Take care.