Thursday, March 18, 2010


In the Webster's New World Dictionary it says for SCRAPE (1) to make smooth or clean by rubbing with a tool or abrasive (2) to remove in this way: with off, out, etc. (3) to scratch or abrade (4) to gather slowly and with difficulty ( scrape up some cash).

In the Suzie's New World of Hurt it says for SCRAPE (1) to make pain in upper arms or back by rubbing with a tool or abrasive (2) to remove all good feeling from body (3) to hurt more then you did before (4) to gather slowly more pain throughout your body with no end!!

This is the house we are working on at my work. I'm not in any of the pictures thank God. I did love working in the sun!!! You can't beat that!! But now that I'm home after my 2 mile walk and shower I feel like I could die. I don't do work up on 8 foot ladders, I don't like heights. So the whole time being on the pick all my muscles in my body tighted up big time.


Anonymous said...

who is on the ladder? are they not wearing a shirt? :)

Poirier Family said...

NOPE that would be Rick! Not me hehehe!!!