Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I can't believe I haven't wrote on my blog since last year!!! LOL!! I've been so busy with work and keeping the house in order, I haven't had time to just sit and write much. I have been keeping up with FaceBook my other addiction!!!

I still have not been able to down load my photos from my camera!! It's driving me crazy. I have sooooo many picture I want to share and write about, but with no pictures nothing to really write about.

Christmas went well. I got John and Kitchen Aid Pro 500!! He loves it. He has wanted one for so long. He was very happy to see that under the tree, I was very happy when he made cookies with it!!!!! Thank God I go to the gym now I can work them off. Oh ya I've been going to the gym since two months now. I hate the drive there but once I start working out I don't want to leave. John joined this week, today was the first day he went. He seemed to like it. We'll see how he feel in the morning!! I'm just glad we are going to the gym. It's been something I have been wanted to do for a long time. I just wish they had a fun/play room for kids. Just is 11 but still can't leave him home alone.

SNOW!!! We had so much snow this past weekend ( Thursday-Sunday) I thought I was an Eskimo. I got to do some snowmobiling, sledding and shoveling. John did the snow blowing of the driveway and paths around the house and to the neighbors house.

STILL WAITING FOR BABY. We are still waiting for Stacie and Ricks baby. She is due on the 7Th. Right now she is at 2 center meters and waiting. Just to look at her she is so ready. Monday she looked so uncomfortable, but today feeling better she went to the gym with us. She was hoping that would help but so far nothing has changed. I'm going with, this weekend it's going to happen!! This will make it my 5Th time helping at a birth, 6 if you count mine. I love to help out how ever I can for mother or father to be. My favorite time was when my niece Emily was born. My sister in-law had to have a C-section and my brother just couldn't go in the room with her. He didn't want to see Denise like that and it's a lot to see and handle. I was up for it and couldn't wait. Emily was born I got to see the whole thing. I mean everything, the cutting, the inside, you get the picture. They even let me take pictures of everything!!! Then they let me cut the cord, then take Emily to Glen who was waiting in the other room. I had to walk down the hall a bit to Glen who thought I was a nurse because I was dressed in the scrubs and had a mask on. He could not take his eyes off Emily this was his first born. I handed Emily over and said congratulations Glen. He looked at me and smiled. He had no idea it was me at all. So I said I can't believe your a dad!! Denise did great. Then he looked right into my eyes and said "I had no idea it was you", and just smiled even bigger!! Just seeing my brother so happy with is kid just warmed my heart. I can't wait to see Ricks face when he lays his eyes on his first born. Rick has become a great friend, and Stacie too. I have known Rick for more then 6 years and Stacie almost a year and hope to become really good friend too.

So that's what has been going on with me. I will try to keep up on my blog now that things are getting back to normal.

YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR LIFE TO SHOW ITS FACE, and when it does it will make you smile :O)

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Barbara said...

That must be a wonderful experience; helping in the delivery of a new baby. I could really get into that myself! I'm a grea fan of lamaze breathing...I use it when I'm stressed, in pain of any kind or just want to zone out for a while.