Sunday, November 8, 2009


Why was this weekend so great? It was so great that we both didn't have to be at work!!! John and I planned to have a weekend of just doing what ever. No plans. Friday night after seeing Rick in town setting up for an auction we did some food shopping, got ourselves some pizza and movies. We had the pizza cooking in the oven getting ready to watch a movie when a friend stopped by. Before we knew it we were to tried to watch it we went to bed.

Saturday we went baby shower shopping and just to check out prices on things that are on our wish list. I also had to return my camera because it wasn't working right. They didn't have the same camera so now I have a Kodak Easy Share C180. I have no idea how I'm going to like this new one. I really liked my other one and was hoping to get the same one, oh well. When we got home that night we popped in the movie. It's just nice being home, dog on my lap, and next to my sweet husband.

Today it was so nice out we worked outside cleaning the yard up and gardens out. You know getting ready for that white stuff. John found out the snow blower doesn't work. So now that's another thing that going to cost us to get fixed. I don't think we will ever get ahead. I'm working over time and killing myself and we still can't get gets to meet. Those dam ends... Anyways that where we are as of now.

LIFE SUCKS SOMETIMES, SO EAT 5 MINUTE MUG CAKE. to make 5 minute mug cake look at my last blog!!!

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