Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today I got Mums and pumpkins up the wazoo!! See John and I are going to help a friend from my work move on Sunday. Can you believe that, we haven't even helped him and his wife to be yet and they are thanking us already. So I texted them tonight saying we would be there a little earlier then planned because we have to go earlier then we thought to go get cans and bottles for CANS FOR A CURE. He then texted back not to worry, they really wanted us there just to hang out, that they enjoyed just spending time with us. I thought that was so sweet. That's what true friends are. Its great that he is now with someone that loves him enough to allow him to have friends hang out. They are so cute together. They are also going to be having a baby in 4 months!! I'm so happy for them. It's great to see two people in love, not fighting all the time. I see the way they look at each other when they think no one else is looking. I love see HAPPY people, there needs to be more people who are happy.

I will take pictures of mums and pumpkins as soon as the rain stops. Can you keep the mums in the basement for the winter and plant them in spring???


Jeanne said...

Can't wait to see your pumpkins and mums. We're having the same weather, grey and rain. Go away rain, Jeanne wants to take pictures of pumpkins in the sun! I think it's great you're helping your friends and what your whole family is doing with the 'Cans for a Cure'. YaY!

Barbara said...

Plant the mums outside in your yard somewhere. They will come up flower every year for you. We have some great ones!