Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just for helping a friend from work move he gave us pumpkins and mums to thank us!! I even gave my mother a big pumpkin and mums because she watched Josh while we did it. The melt pumpkin was mine, and the scarecrow on the bench. The two scarecrows on the stairs are from him. Now my house is all done for the Fall!! He also gave us more cans and bottles for CANS FOR A CURE . THANK YOU!!!! We cashed them in and got $17.00 so far.

After helping him we drove over to Steve and Vonnies house to get cans and bottles. WOW we hit the jack pot on that one. It was the most anyone has given us. John is cashing them in right now and I will post how much when he gets back. We will take the ones in the basement this week. There were way to many to take in one trip. I know we have more then last year. This will be the first year we cashed them in. The past years we gave them the cans, this year we want to know the cash total that we made. In hopes each year we can raise more. It's better to have a goal!!


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lee and hannah said...

how cute! love all the fall decorations! :) i've got a couple of mums & some stuff inside the house... but this makes me want to do more outside! :)