Monday, October 5, 2009


All my friends are having home parties. One is for Scentsy Wickless Candles, I love the idea of no flame because I have two wonderful cats that I don't need going up in flames. They have fragrances of all kinds. I'll be looking for Pumpkin Roll or Baked Apple Pie.

My friend Chrissy is have a Tastefully Simple party. She said to come hungry!! They have easy to prepare gourmet foods that are great.

The other party Staci really wants me to go to, I really can't write about. It's one of "THOSE" parties. I don't think I'm going to that one. I can't tell you how many I have been invited to, but never go. It's just not my cup of tea. Same with going to a strip club, been invited so many times. I just don't see the need to see other people undress. I think the people who go to strip clubs are lacking something in their own bedroom!!! So I just don't need to go. My husband is the only man I need to see undress for me, and hell I don't even have to worry about having one dollar bills!!

Then we have CANS FOR A CURE we try to get cans and bottles from friends and family and cash them in. Trying hard to get over $100.00. That would make us very happy knowing something that me put our minds to it helping others who need it.

Helping my friend from work paint the inside of their house!! That will be so much fun with John there too. So it won't feel like work.

My nephew is have his birthday party he will be two years old!! Two years, wow time has gone by so fast. My mother has her birthday too, but I can't tell you how young she's going to be.

Going to have my niece and nephew over night. Not sure what I will plan for that yet.

Halloween we have so much planned for Friday and Sat with Josh!! Can't wait, going to hang out with Bump and her kids, and go over to see Mrs. Grover!! Oh the fun we will have!! Just can't wait.

Can't forget doctor appointment for me, meet with Josh's teachers, and what ever else jumps out at us.

So many things to do, so many places to go. Love it!!!!


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Jeanne said...

hehe I know what you mean about the candles. Oliver is the same way and if I light a candle I have to be sure to put it where he won't go(there's not many choices believe me!). My daughter Crystal has been to some Tastefully Simple parties and loves them. She's given us a jar of the Garlic Garlic seasoning and it's amazing!