Sunday, August 2, 2009


My Saturday started off with John telling me he was going to take me "SOMEWHERE". He didn't want to tell me where, but I got it out of him, THE OCEAN. I love the ocean. I would take that drive anytime. First we drove out to the Animal Shelter to donate cat and dog food, and kitty litter. They were so happy to see that kitty litter. They were in great need of it. They are just filled up with cats. So many in fact that they are waving the fees on the older ones, but not the kittens. I also walk a dog for a while, you know I had to do my part to help out. I wanted to take her home so bad for Sadie. What a doll that dog was, but we just can't take on another dog yet.

After leaving there we drove towards the ocean. We stopped at yard sales along the way. We found 3 bar stools for $10.00. I needed one for the craft table we made. I have been looking to get one new at that price, but to get 3 wow!! The other two are going in the basement for the bar that someday will be built. We stopped at one yard sale that was packing up. They told us to take what ever we wanted because it was all going to Goodwill. We walked away with a clip on lamp and twin bedspread for Josh, two baskets for my craft stuff and a birdfeeder. Glass bunnies candle holders, and a wooden goose sign for my mom, two doll bunnies for my friend Les, and a sweater for me from L.L.Bean. We gave them some money anyways. I just didn't feel right taking all that stuff for nothing. We still made out!!! We finely made it to Booth Bay Harbor.

I have more pictures but I can't get them to down load. So you'll have to wait to see what we saw!?!?!?!!

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