Monday, August 3, 2009

Pictures from Saturday

This is one of the things we saw along the way to Booth Bay Harbor on Saturday. A Rocking Moose. They were asking $7,500. These were at the same place but I didn't see how much. This was just up the road from the last place. We walked around Booth Bay Harbor and I took these....

I'm going to use this idea in my garden!! If you look in the middle of the picture on the porch, they took a rod and put pots on it. I might even do a smaller one for my indoor plants!! I could even do something in the bathroom to hold hair clips and stuff. Only I would have to find a way to hold the pots up without the dirt!!
Just because we could.... We had a great time. Maybe another trip will be to Bar Harbor!!


The Pats said...

Where did you get the counter for your Blog?

Jeanne said...

Very cool. Love all the sculptures you saw! The water looks wonderful too!