Sunday, August 30, 2009


This evening John and I drove over to my "X" husbands apartment to pick up my Josh. We loaded the van up with all his stuff and headed home. We have to drive passed Josh's Aunts house on our way. There in her driveway was a man that I haven't seen in a long time. It was my "X"'s father. I drove by and wave and thought in the matter of seconds that I should really turn around and say hello. See he lives in another state far away. Josh said he really wanted to get home, plus he just saw him today. I knew if I didn't turn around I would be missing on the chance to say hello. So I pulled it around and stopped by. As I got out of the van he was on his cell phone and was saying good bye to whom ever he was talking to. I could see in his eye he was so happy to see me. He hugged me so tight that I just wanted to cry because I missed him so much. I miss my "X" whole family a lot. Josh's Aunt also came out. We must have talked for over an hour. The reason he is in town is because of a family member is not doing so well. Something I knew nothing about because my "X" never told me. They couldn't believe and were very upset that he didn't tell me. So today my heart was touched!! It's weired how seeing one person can make you feel so good. Just seeing a face light up because they see you makes you feel so appreciated.

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