Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MY DOG IS SO MESSED UP & Great $ saving tip

I love my dog don't get me wrong, she means the world to me, but she is really messed up!!! I mean really messed up!! Today I found out she is really set in her ways or the world is going to end (so she thinks). We go for a walk every night the same way. I thought I would switch it up tonight a little and go around the opposite way. Who knew that would be a big mistake. Sadie did great the first three minutes as soon as we crossed the first street she started to put her tail between her legs and kept looking behind her. She was acting very nervous. Then she kept pulling me to turn around to go the way, she thinks we are supposed to be going. So I pulled her a long until she understood that we are going a different way. The rest of the way home she pulled me like no tomorrow and every noise she heard she would spin around to see what it was.

So from this I have learned not to change things with Sadie. She like things consistent. We do have a routine in the morning. My alarm clock goes off and she jumps up right out of her bed and rubs on my bed until I get out of it. Then I feed her right away that way while she eats I can get dressed without her under my feet. It's really hard getting dress with a dog going between your legs. Then by the time I'm dressed she is done eating and I let her out. While she is out I feed the cats, being Sadie outside I don't have to worry about tripping over her while feed the cats. I then let her in and she follows me everywhere I go until I walk out the door to go to work. I give her a treat at the door and say "get in bed". Sadie trots down the hallway into my room where her bed is and lays down, as I walk out the door.

When I get home I feed her if John hadn't already. Then we go for our walk. If I start doing something and forget to go for the walk witch I really trying doing a lot, Sadie comes to the rescue with the leash in mouth. Like I said Sadie is set in her ways.

Here is what Sadie can do!! What a good girl she is. If you watch the very end you will see her looking around, she is still jumpy from our walk.


This even I took a shower (I know it's about time). After the shower I put on lotion or body cream. I love this one Midnight Pomegranate Body cream that I got at Bath and Body Works. The cream is thicker and I feel it last longer then lotion. So the bottle was done. I try everything to get the last bit out. I squeeze the bottle, I even lay the bottle down and run my hair comb down it. Now I have been penny pinching as much as I can so tonight I cut the dam thing open.
I could not believe how much was still in there. I don't use that much. These bottle last me a long time and thats why I buy them, I know I'm getting my moneys worth. But NOW I'm really going to get my moneys worth.

So am I crazy for going this far??? What do you do to save money that is crazy?? You know you do it in some way shape or form. If you don't you should!!! It's your money your saving!!!!!!!!!


Jeanne said...

Sadie is one smart pup. Our Oliver has a habit of getting us up every morning at 5:30..on the dot! Now my alarm doesn't go off till 7 and Matt can sleep in since he works second shift so what's up with Oliver's clock. hehe On the body lotion I'm the same way. I squeeze my hand cream and cut it open too. You're right there's still plenty in there.

flying fish said...

My old dog is getting the same way, she always wants to walk down the hill first. I thought it was the noisy neighbor dog that was bothering her, but I think it's the routine thing.

I'm going to cut open my favorite lotion bottle when it's "empty"!

Just looked at your Tennessee trip pictures...pig brains. ew.

Steve Hildebrand said...

Our dogs have their routine too. I didn't know that about the lotion, I'll have to tell Vonnie. What do I do to save money??? I guess everything I do I try to save money. I can't think of anything specific right now. I can tell you I will NEVER skimp one Toilet paper. that's the one thing I don't mind spending extra money on.