Monday, July 20, 2009

THIS PAST WEEKEND and 1st video

On Friday after work we dropped off Josh at his fathers apartment. Then we were off to get my hair cut. I'm still not sure if I like it or not.

Before: Hair is a little wet. "Man, that shirt make me look fat!!"
After: This is the next day, I should have taken a picture the night before but we forgot. I just can't seem to do what the lady did.
After I got my hair cut we stopped by my brother Glen's house to see family up from Kentucky.

Saturday John and I got up early 5:30am early!! I know who the hell gets up that early when they don't have a kid in the house, (that's why we got up early!! Hello hehehehe). Anyways being we were up we thought it would be cool to get to the Portland Mall early. Well, I have heard about this store Forever 21. I wanted to see if I could find a dress for my friends wedding. John was saying I could be the first one in the store!!! Yea WE WERE!!! We were in there so early "9:00am" they told us to get out. They don't open until 10:00am. But the freaking sign on the door to the store said 9:00am. They said they changed they hours a few months ago. So out load I said "you should change the sign too". I was a little pissed, but I got over myself. We went to TJ Max. I must have tried on 15 dresses and nothing fit just right. We went back to Forever 21, I love everything in that store. The prices are fare too. But nothing was what I was looking for to wear to the wedding. I could have spent some money there for sure.

On the way home we went out of the way to stop at Yarmouth Clam Festival. We wanted to see what is was all about. We drove by parking areas that wanted $8.00 to park. We have no money to be spending so we found a bank parking lot one lot over for free!!!!! We walked about 10 minutes if that and there we were. We were thinking about getting some clams until we saw the price. 9 dollars for a half pint, really. We saw that then turned around and went home. Maybe next year!! We are on a tight budget.

After we got home around 4:00pm and I took a baby nap because we were meeting up with friends at the Oxford Plains 250. There are a ton of people who come a week early and set up campers for the big race on Sunday. We just go to hang out with friends the night before. They have a big fire pit going after the race on Saturday night. Kids should not go near the fire pit!! Everyone is drinking and doing things they really shouldn't be doing. We didn't stay to long.

Sunday we slept in, I know who sleeps in with no kid in the house!! Hehehehe. We got up around 9:00am I think?! We drove down to my brother Glen's house again this time with the dog. Being we didn't spend to much time with her Friday and Saturday I thought she would like to go swimming. This is a picture of Sadie going face first into the water after her water toy.

We didn't stay long because we wanted to go for a motorcycle ride. I'm not really sure if I like to ride on the motorcycle yet. It scares me. So John said I could pick the roads to go on. We took some nice back roads that John really enjoyed. We got to see.....

After stopping to take about 15 picture of them we took off. I was feeling really good UNTIL this big ass deer ran out infront of us!! It was at lest a 6 to 8 pointer!!!! Then when we got into town a van turned right infront of us!! We yelled and the guy he still didn't see us, he was looking at someone on the other side of the road!! So I still don't know about being on the bike.

That was our weekend, sorry so long!!


lee and hannah said...

i LOVE the haircut... and i'm sure you'll love it short!! :-D

Jeanne said...

Love the hairdo! You have beautiful color too. I can see you're definitely enjoying that new camera. Looks like lots of fun this weekend.