Friday, July 24, 2009

OUT OF GAS (almost)& not at work :(

Have you ever been driving and out of no where you hear a dinging sound that tells you your low on fuel? Well this happened to me on my way to work. 30 minutes from home, and no cash or card to get more!! OH NO what am I going to do. My plan was to leave work and go straight home. Well I had to go get Ricky, one of the guys I work with a ride because he got a flat tire. I had to pick up and get a different tire from the old shop then take him back over to the truck. I stayed while he tried to change it, come to find out the jack wasn't working right so I had to drive him back to the old shop to get one that worked. The traffic was backed up and we sat there waiting for ever. I just kept waiting for the van to stop running. I have never ran out of gas before, I really don't know what happens when you do. I never let it get that low. We made it back to the truck then I headed to pick up Josh at my mom's then headed home. I prayed the whole way that I would make it. Thank God I did. I got it home. John had to go to town so he and Josh took it to get gas!! Yea!! OK I know why didn't I ask my mom for money or Ricky well I hate to pump gas. Sad I know. I really hate the smell of it. I mean it really gives me a sick feeling. I always take the van to a place that fills it up for me. Hey it cost the same here in my town so why not. Or just have my husband do it. To tell you the truth I'm not sure if I even remember how to do it, it's been years!!

Today I didn't go to work because John took my van because there is something wrong with his car. We need to take it to the shop! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! I told you nothing is stopping me from going to TN. Anyways on top of that I found out last night we have flea!!!!! Ya, Josh was kind enough to bring them home from his fathers house so we can share them with out pets. I got up this morning and have been washing bedding for pets, our bedding, vacuumed everywhere and everything that could be vacuumed. I washed the floors and even gave all the pets a bath even the poor cats. Here are so pictures and video that Josh took.

This video is of Sadie waiting for me to come out of the bathroom with a wet kitty. It is dark at first then he turns on a light. Josh is the one taking it. He is so cute.
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The Pats said...

If your van is a newer one that has a fuel injected engine, it can be hard to get started again if you run out of gas because of getting air in the system. Best that you don't run out.


lee and hannah said...

wow!! lucky you for not running out of gas... i've come REALLLLY close before!!

and cute video of josh saying "the cat looks fatter when his hair is POOF!!" HAHA