Thursday, July 9, 2009


There was a Mama Bird at my mother's house, who made a nest upon a heart shaped basket with love. Mama Bird is very smart and build it under the roof line of the shed so the Baby Birds will not get wet.
She laid 3 little blue eggs that became Baby Birds. This picture was taken Tuesday.

The Mama Bird loves her Baby Bird so much she sits on them to keep them warm and gets very mad when I come to take a pictures. I get in and out as fast as I can. Mama Bird sits in a tree right behind me watch every move I make. She doesn't make a sound as I take pictures maybe she knows we just want to see her Baby.

This picture was taken Wednesday. Can you believe how fast Baby Bird grow. It might be because of all the love the Mama Bird gives her Baby Birds or the heart shaped basket?!

This is another nest Josh found in a bush in front of my mothers house.

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Jeanne said...

How lucky to not only see these beautiful sights but to record them. Great job.