Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I was on my way to work, one road away and there was road construction. They had cones blocking off parts of the road right where I need to turn. Yesterday I saw a car cut thought the cones to go down a different road. So I put my blinker on and rolled down my window to ask the man standing there with a slow sign if I could turn there. He said no in a nice way and said to turn up the next road. I said thank you, his smiled and that was that.

UNTIL the little s__t, looked at one of the other guys walking over to him and put his loaded hand shape gun to his head and pulled the trigger!!! I could not believe I caused a man to shoot himself. To him I was some dumb lady. I'm telling you yesterday a car did it. At lest I was nice enough to ask, and why the hell couldn't I go between the cones. It wasn't hurting anything. MR. SIGN holder!!! Good thing his hand gun jammed!! Or that would have been a mess. Off to work I went.

I made it another day at work. I got the one part of the bed done.

I can't believe how much time has gone into this project. I know the next part will go faster because I have different brush to use that will work better.

In my last post I said I would like to work with animals. Well today I got too.

His name is Jake. He belongs to my boss's daughter who just had a baby Tuesday. I think they are going to find a new home for him. What a sweet dog he is. He is a pit bull and that is why I could never take him. When he was playing with me I could feel how strong his jaws were. I don't need them on my cats!!

When I got home my own dog Sadie heard me say I was going to my mother's to mow. So she got her leash ready!! Before I got home from work today John said Sadie had taken her leash into her bed. I guess she did it after I went to work. It's been really hard for her because everyday she would go with me to drop Josh off at school. She wants to be with me 24-7. Like right now she is asleep on the floor by my feet as I'm writing this!! I love my Sadie!!


Anonymous said...


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The Pats

Jeanne said...

Man he must have a real hard time getting through his day if something like your simple question can rattle him so. Scared me for a minute there, I had to re-read and make sure it said "hand". Phew! LOVE the picture of Sadie with her leash. That is so darn cute!