Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Can you believe it's June already?! Well after the last day in May I really hope June goes better. We drove down to my brother Glen's house to help him fix the dock. Denise went to rent 2 wet suits for Glen and John, so they won't freeze their little butts off. Can you believe the water is still to cold to swim in. It's JUNE!!!

So Glen and John went to change into the suits. Glen came out dress,

but John didn't. The suit wouldn't fit over his little butt!! So as you can see I got to wear it. .

I learned something about wet suits. YOU STILL GET WET!!!!! I don't know what I was thinking. It's not called a dry suit. In my wee little head I thought it would keep the water off you. NO, NO, it fills up with the cold water and then becomes warmer from your body heat. So it was best to walk in slow and let it warm up.

We worked on the dock for about 4 hours or so. To tell you the truth I'm not sure what time we started. You can see the poles on the dock were way out of line. The poles should be the same as the board lines on the dock. We had to take the dock apart in sections to move it back to were it belongs.

There was something scary too. When Glen and I were in the water he yelled that something bumped into his leg. I thought he was kidding until something hit my foot kind of hard. He said it was a mother bass protecting her eggs. I never knew a fish was hit you like that.

One small thing Denise was mad about is there was a flag on a old fishing pole that was in one of the poles at the end of the dock so when your out on the lake you can find the house easier. It's been there for years, well the fishing pole. They go through so many flags because of the wind off the lake. The sad thing is she just got a new flag and it was no where to be found. Until I had nothing better to do so I looked for it. Glen had to help me get it out of the water because I couldn't reach it. Plus I was floating because of the suit.

Denise was very happy that the pole was still in good shape.

The boat was a little more bet up then the flag.

All and all things could have been a lot worse. The dock is now it place. I forgot to get a picture of all our hard work. I just wanted to get into dry clothes and warm up.

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Jeanne said...

Wow it's beautiful up there! I'd love being down by that water but not so far in as to feel the fish bumping me 'shudder'. That's funny about the wet suit. I thought they kept you DRY and warm too.
(hehe your comment about my sheep picture)It was the funniest thing watching these groups of sheep all bleeting and trooping to their barn. No one guiding them either!