Sunday, May 31, 2009


There is never a dull moment in Maine. The weather was great for most part of the day. We had a little rain here and there, nothing to bad. Josh, Sadie and I went up to see my mother and to let the dogs run around. Sadie really needed to run around being it's been rain for 3 days. We weren't sure if we should start building an ark or not. While Josh and I were playing with the dogs the wind started to pick up. We thought nothing about it. Then the trees started to lose leaves and parts. Things started to hit us in the face, some parts like, the seeds from the maple trees, leave, and pine needles. Even the dogs were scared and wanted to go in. Being it was 7:30pm we had to go anyways, so we packed up our stuff and headed home. The trees were losing leave and branches every where, they were hitting the top of the van when we were driving. Josh was afraid the van was going to tip over because we could feel the van being pushed by the wind. We made it home save and sound. When Josh got out of the van he saw that some of his toys were out and needed to be pick up before the wind picked them up.

So now we were all save inside as the wind whipped around. We were getting ready to settle in for the night when the phone rang. I was hoping it was going to be my boss about going back to work being she said she was going to call me in the evening. To my surprise it was my sister in-law Denise. You could hear it in her voice that something was really wrong. "Can you have John come down right away!?!?!?! The dock flipped over and the boats are lose!?!?!?!?!?!" I told her we would be right down. Why she would ask John to help with boats is beyond me. He hates the water. I hung up the phone and yelled out "We have to go, the dock flipped over and Glen and Denise need our help!!!!" Josh was all upset about the whole thing. John wasn't moving fast enough for me. We all ran out the door with Sadie looking at us like what the heck it going on, and tried to run out with us. We push her back and were on our way.

John drove like a nut, well that's how he always drives. John drove like a mad man on speed. So fast that Josh asked if he could slow down. So he did. We got there in no time at all. They already had people there helping them. One boat was already on a trailer out of the water now they just needed help getting the other boat out. John was still on speed and ran down to the lake with a jump, hop and the next thing you know he was on the bow of the other boat. What you need to understand is John doesn't like water. He doesn't' like to go for boat rides on a nice and calm day, and here he is jumping at the change to help.

All the boats got out with a lot of hard work. This is a picture of the dock before today. This is the best one I could find.
This is what happened to it today in the matter of minutes while Denise and Glen could only stand there and watch. Minutes before Denise telling Glen it's going to flip over, and screaming every time it looked like it was going to. Glen telling her to stop or it's going to. Sure enough it did. (ALL PICTURES TAKEN BY JOSH)
After everything was all said and done we went into the house to talk for awhile before going home. The kids were so sleepy and Josh wanted to go home. (PICTURES TAKEN BY ME)

We went home and Josh was in bed by 10:30pm, I know a school night, but what are you going to do. I jumped right on the computer to write this on the blog.


While I was writing this blog the phone rang at 10:59pm, no kidding it's my brother Glen calling to let us know they are having a chimney fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell. You have got to be kidding me right!!?? Glen said is was getting cold so he started a fire. When he went over to close the door on the wood stove he looked at the meter and it said hot, like burn down your house hot. He could hear it, and see red hot stuff at the bottom of the pipe. He looked at Denise and said we have a chimney fire go get the kids. When they went to wake up Emily they told her to get up there is a fire. Emily said she was tired, they said there a fire. Emily then said "but I'm tired." So they said "fire drill" and that got her right up! Can anything go right for them????????????? The fire department was there and now everything is OK!! I just can't believe what happened to them today.

I will have more info and picture tomorrow. For now good night!!

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Jeanne said...

Boy what a night. Scary stuff there. We've been having weird weather too. Catch the good when you can cause then you get the rain and cold. Made a coffee last night cause I was so chilled. It's freakin' June!