Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have been helping my mother out by mowing her lawn. I never had a problem starting the riding mower until this year. I mowed the lawn about a week ago and couldn't get it started. Thank God my brother Glen was there cutting wood. Glen and I jumped the mower with his truck. All was good. I got the whole lawn done. Well yesterday I need to mow it again, and it didn't start. So I had to call Glen just to double check on what color goes where for the jumper cables. The 1st thing I learned is you need two people to jump it. Or at lest I did. My mother helped. She pushed the break and I jumped it and turned the key. We got it going. I did the whole lawn again only I forgot to do the back trail. I had already put it away. I thought being it was running for an hour it would start right up. NOPE it didn't. So my mother said to skip the trail and do it next time. I don't know if she needs a need battery or what. When I got and told John about me and my mother jumping the mower with the van. He asked if the van was running when we did it. I said yes. John said that is bad, you should do it when it's off!! So that makes #2.

The 3rd thing I have learn about mowing is you need to right size blades. If your blades are to small it leave a inch row of grass behind. That sucks because you have to go over places two times. You use more gas and time. So we will have to get the right blades.

The 4Th thing I learned is I don't need a scale to see that I have gained weight. Riding the mower I felt things giggle that never giggle before!!!

The 5Th thing I learned is I have a love for frogs. I could not believe how many frogs I had to go around so I wouldn't hit them.

The 6Th thing I learned you get a great even tan riding on a mower. I'm sure as the more I mow the more I will learn.


Laura Vigliarolo said...

I learned I don't like mowing so my boys do it for me.LOL!!

Jeanne said...

ROFLMAO. Too funny girl.