Monday, May 18, 2009


To my blog readers I have no idea why the spaces between the picture and words don't stay the same after posting it. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? This wasn't happening before.

Sunday John, Josh, Sadie and I got ready to go to my brother Tony's house for the day. He lives an hour and a half away. A nice drive to take. He was going to help us with our computer. It keeps shutting off every 10 minutes or so. It was driving me crazy when I would be in the middle of the blog, or researching something. So we drove down so he could take a look at it. Plus we love to see the family.

Sadie is doing a lot better on long rides now. She is starting to under stand when the car doesn't stop that often we are going for a long ride and she will lay down between the front seat until you start to slow down or put your blinker on, but she will never fall asleep in the van.

On the way there we passed the group of pigs that were there last year. Only there were 3 little pigs last time. Now they added 4 more pigs and a duck.
We also pasted a plumbing place. He was just to cute to pass up a picture. When I was taking that picture I found another great opportunity.
Too Funny!!
When I was taking that picture John said "look up at the sign, you should get one with that in it."
While we were driving along the way, we were talking about anything and everything. A car had passed us going the other way and we both noticed that the car had flower lays hanging from the mirror. There were so many of them that is was the width of her mirror and down to the dash. I said to John " see mine aren't that bad." I have one pink one from our wedding, and 3 beaded ones. John had said hers made it so her view was obstructed big time. So that got me thinking about her getting pulled over. So I then asked if you were to get pulled over with Sadie in the car what would you do. I told him I would get out, and then the cop would tell me to get back into the car with his gun drawn on me. Because Sadie goes nuts when people come up to the window, and if he was all dressed in dark clothes that would put her over the edge and she would try to jump at him. John said he wasn't sure how that all would work.
About 30 minutes later into the drive we passed a State Cop, and we (JOHN) was going over the speed limit. OH NO! The van isn't inspected!!!!!!!! I ask "is he turning around??". John said yep. I was so hoping he was joking. NO the State Trooper had his blues on and right behind us. WHY, WHY did I have to ask about being pulled over with Sadie in the car, WHY???? John pulled over in a safe spot, right at an Apple Farm where there were people buying bags of apples. Not that it mattered. John got out of the van!!! OH NO!! What is the Trooper going to do?? The Trooper yelled to John to get back into the van. John told the Trooper that there was a dog in the van that didn't like other people. The Trooper said OK but John had to walk slowly to the back of the van and not put his hands in his pockets. So I got my answer the hard way I guess. The Trooper and John talked for a minute, the next thing I know John is tapping on my window and telling me to take the stuff off my mirror!!!!!!! Can you believe that!!!! WHAT THE %&#@. It's all because I talked about it. We didn't get a ticket thank God. He never saw that the inspection sticker was late. I think that's because he never walked to the front of the van. So having Sadie in the van may have helped us. I really can't believe that happened. John and I laughed at the whole thing. Then I remember that I also talked about a dream I had about winning $3,000!!! So far no $3,000, but you never know!!
We got to Tony's on time. Tony found out what was wrong with the computer. I now get to be on it all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. We all had a great visit. Bo made a great dinner. By the end of the evening Sadie was so ready to go home. John to being he had to get up for work in the morning. So we had to head out to be home for 9:00 pm.
When we got home, with out being pulled over!! I sat on the couch with Sadie who fell asleep fast on me with a smile.
Sadie was so tried that she didn't care that the cat was there!!! For that to happen you know Sadie is tried.

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SillyShelly said...

I LOOOVE the pigs! Everyone should have one. And a chicken!