Sunday, April 26, 2009

Steve and Vonnie's Baby Shower

What a beautiful day Saturday was. I got up and went right out to my garden to weed, not that there is a lot of weeds but I'm trying to keep up on them. At 1:00pm we headed to Steve and Vonnie's Baby Shower. If you haven't been reading my blog, Steve and Vonnie are the people who my mother got her puppy from. We followed their blog to see how the puppies were growing and doing. After that we have email and blog to stay in touch. I only met Vonnie two times, and never met Steve. So this was the first time we were all together. It went great. Not that we really got to sit down and talk to much, but now we know each other. The shower was a lot of fun. They had a bunch of food, only I wasn't smart and ate before going. Half the time I got to baby shower or other get together they don't have food. The one time I eat before going there was!! I really wanted to eat but I was full. John ate and said the food was great.

After that we played a game called Celebrities and Their Babies. It was a list of 26 celebrities and you had to match the names of the babies. I could only get 5, John got 9 and won!! This was the gift he got. I thought that was sssoooooo cool. I love the glasses. Way to go Johnny!!!

Then Steve and Vonnie open the Baby Shower Gifts. Well Vonnie had help from two little boys that were there at the shower. Steve wrote everything down or tried to. Trying to write what 3 people are opening is very hard.

We gave them a basket full of goodies. Clothes, toys, bath stuff, and a net that goes over the stroller to keep the summer bugs off the baby.

Next we played a game call Guess the Poo!! You had to guess what candy bar was in the diaper that was melted!! Gross but fun.
After the baby shower the weather was so great John wanted to jump on his motorcycle and go for a ride. I went up to my mothers so the dogs could play together and I could get some sun. When John got back he took me to a lake to go fishing in the evening. No fish, but loved the sun set.

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Jeanne said...

Wow those fishing pictures are gorgeous! What a view!! Who cares if you didn't catch anythign with a sight like that.