Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Find out all about these trees at the end of the blog!! Can you guess what kind of tree they are??

Our computer has been going crazy. So I was able to get some pictures off my camera that I wanted to blog about two weeks ago. So here they are.

This was the last day with Dallas. Like I said she will always be in my heart!!
This is a new toy that I got Sadie. She hasn't had a new one in a long time. I never like the idea of giving her stuffy because I thought she would take Josh's out of his room but she knows what ones are hers!!!
When I was still at work, I wanted everyone to see how I have to glue a small rocker. This picture is of the rocker all taken apart. I have to knock it apart without breaking it. Sometimes parts do break, but hey I know how to glue it back!!!
This is what the rocker looks like all clamped up!!
This is the rocker all done being glued. Then we send it out to be caned.
Spring is here!!!! I went out in my garden this past week because I just didn't want to be inside because I would just start thinking about Dallas. So being outside was the best thing for me. I cleaned out my garden and found.
There wasn't enough color in my garden so I had to put up some flowers of my own. The good thing about these flowers are you don't have to do anything to them, and they keep the dog out of the garden!!! They stand about 2 1/2 feet tall.
John and I were driving around this past weekend and came across these trees.They are at a garden center that sells flowers, trees anything for a garden. They took trees and put them upside down in the ground so the roots are on top. I think they might plant flowers on the tops but we don't know. We will keep driving by and keep you posted on what they are doing with them!!!

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