Sunday, April 5, 2009


Oh Dallas, You were the cat of my life. There will be no other like you. I will never try to replace you. No other would even come close. I remember the day I got Dallas. It was in October just before Halloween. It was a friend of mine that needed to find Dallas a home. I had just got out of high school and was renting a trailer from another friend. Dallas was my first pet of my own. My boyfriend and I lived there. We then got married and moved to a house and got a dog too. Then I got divorced and Dallas, the dog and I moved in with my mother. Dallas and I then moved into an apartment with my now husband, dog went to another home. Years later we all moved to a house we rented got a new dog, we would have taken our other dog back but she was in a happy home and didn't want to break their heart. Then we moved again to a house we now own. Dallas has been there for me when ever I need someone to talk to. Dallas never judged me. Dallas loved me no matter what. I remember when she was a kitten she would climb my cartians and lay on the top rod. I would run down the hallway and she would run after me like a dog. Dallas was like my little dog. I would put her in my LLBean bag she would sit with her head popping out the top of the bag. I would take her for car rides. Dallas would even get in the tub with me and walk around in the water. I would talk her outside on a leash in the yard. Dallas slept with me every nigth. OH Dallas why did you have to get old???

The hardest parts are: at night when I'm sitting on the couch and she doesn't come up to sit with me. In the morning when there is no meowing for food. When I come home from work and she not sitting on the drysink right at the door waiting for me to feed her. When I feel her touch me and look and she's not there. When I see a cat jump onto the chair and think it's her and it's Gizmo.

You never know how much you love a pet until their are gone. I have cried everyday since Tueday "that day". Today I think I might make it with out crying today but it's early yet. I know I need to get over her but it is a lot harder then I thought it would ever be!! Some people have said to me "it was just a cat". Well your an ass, she was a part of my family, she was like my kid.


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lee and hannah said...

wow...just a cat?!?! some people can be REALLY rude!!

i'll be thinking about you in the days ahead...i've lost an pet (sheltie) and have never felt that type of heartache since...