Sunday, February 1, 2009


Today I tried to snowshoe. First I tried to cross country ski in my mother back yard. The snow was way to deep and my feet started to get cold. So I got the bright idea to try snowshoeing with Sadie. That didn't work out to well. Sadie is so heavy that she couldn't walk through it. She looked like a snowplow. She was trying to walk on the back of the snowshoes. I don't have the really Maine snowshoes I pick up two pairs of Bear Paw snowshoes. They work good if your dog isn't trying to step on the backs of them. I got a little ways out back when my husband let my mother dog Lacey out. Lacey ran so fast down the trail to get to Sadie. So then I had two dogs on top of the snowshoes. Need less to say I went down. I don't even know which dog did it. I almost fell landing on Sadie so I think it was Lacey (she's out to get me). Once I was in the snow the two dogs jumped all over me giving me kisses from every direction. Snow went everywhere, in my shirt down my pants. From that point I knew I was done. Once I finally got back up I headed to the house!! We stay for a little while so I could warm up. Then went home so I could clean the house, and John could clean off the roof. Then we plan on making some goodies to eat while we watch the football game!!!!

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lee and hannah said...

gotta love that unconditional puppy love! :)