Sunday, February 22, 2009


Saturday was another day of ice fishing. The weather was great I just couldn't past it up. The great thing about fishing this weekend was I got a fish this time!!!!!!!!!!!! The first one this year, and more to come, I hope.

Sadie loved being out there this weekend because it was warm. Only I had to put her in the ice shack once in a while to warm up her feet. Running in the snow and ice made one of her due craw rip off. There was a little bit of blood in the snow. This happens every year, only must the time it happens in the summer from climbing on the rock to get out of the lake. She is so cute, watching my every move.

Josh, Nathan, and Emily joined us out there for a little while too.

It was also Emily's 7Th Birthday Party. I love the cake!!! She is so into fish and the sea!!

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