Monday, February 23, 2009


We got another big snow storm here in Maine, NOTHING NEW THERE. Josh didn't have school today anyways because there was a teachers work shop so that worked out great. I got to stay home with Josh. Not that he is spending any time with his mom anyways. He has been gone most of the day next door playing or has been here with his friend. So I have been cleaning all day. The house was in a great need of cleaning. We have been so busy from before Christmas until now. Plus every weekend we are out and about, then after work we just didn't feel like cleaning. So today was the day or someone was going to die. There was stuff from Christmas still up. That has never happened to me before. Once Christmas is over everything to do with it go away.

John has been asking me for weeks to take done all my snowmen. He thinks that is the reason it keeps snowing. John is now telling everyone he knows that it's my fault it keeps snowing. So today I took them all down. Spring is on the way now!!! I was putting them on the coffee table before putting them into the box they go in. It seemed like they all were staring at me. They didn't want to be put away for the year. It's so sad because I really love my snowmen I would keep them up all year if I could. Bye bye until next year my friends.

So now it's time to put up my St. Patrick's Day stuff.

I am also cooking dinner in the cock pot right now so the house smells great. When John comes home he will be so happy that everything was done. The only thing he has to do now is the last of the snow blowing. Our next goal maybe this weekend is to do the basement. We really want to get that looking nice so we can have people over again to play pool and cards.

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lee and hannah said...

i LOVE all of your snowmen!! i think you saw the one on my blog, but i've got a little flag, too...but your's are great!! very cute!