Sunday, February 15, 2009


Friday morning I dropped Josh off at his fathers before school like I do everyday. Josh waits there for 30 minutes then goes to school. That lets me get to work on time. This was Josh's father's weekend to have Josh from Friday until Sunday at 4:00pm only "they" had plans for Valentines so we got Josh back at 4:00pm Saturday Valentine's Day. Well let me tell you we had so much fun on Saturday night as a family on Valentines Day. Josh got to borrow Rock Band from his father. John, Josh, and I played for 4 hours having a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John sings, Josh plays the drums, and I'm on guitar. I will have to say we are great as a band. I think we will be saving up for Rock Band as soon as we get the car fixed. It was something we all like to do, and getting this family to do something we all like is hard. Like today I'm going ice fishing when John and Josh (the boys in the family that should be ice fishing) will be inside my brothers house talking with the other women, while I'm out fishing. So Rock Band will bring us together!!!! So sometimes TV games aren't that bad!!! Hahahahaha

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