Monday, January 5, 2009

Falling with style or Not

This morning was going great for me I was on time with getting out of the house. Josh and I walked out the door and down the steps. There was a light dusting of snow that had fallen over night. I opened the slider door for Josh and closed it when he got in. Then I opened my door and went to get in only in the matter of seconds I was on my butt with my shins hitting the van frame and under I went. The light dusting of snow made the ice very slippery. I sat there for a second trying to figure out what just happened. Josh asked if I was OK. My eyes watered up because of the pain of my shins hitting the frame of the van.

When I get hurt bad I want it to bruise. I want people to see how much it really hurt. I want a mark to show what I have done. As of right now 9 hours later there is nothing, NOTHING!! It hurts so bad still. I thought I cut it open when I happen. I was afraid to look at it at first. I'm OK I'll get over it if a bruise doesn't happen. I'm just glad I didn't brake anything.

Last night I worked on Baby Shower stuff. I can't wait to post the things that I have done. I can't yet because Becky reads my blog and she would know everything. She keeps asking me things about the baby shower hoping I will accidentally just tell her. She is so cute. Only 5 more days. That if she doesn't pop before that. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Becky is doing good. She went to her doctors appointment today and the baby is fine. She has more fluid in her tummy, but the baby is fine!! So far so good hoping to last until Feb 3rd.

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