Thursday, January 8, 2009


I drove into my work parking lot. Brian one of the guys who works with me was waiting in his car because he doesn't have a key. Rick one of the other guys that works there who has a key told him to be there at 8:00am. Rick never showed up. So I parked and we went in. As soon as I walked into the building I knew we didn't have heat. We ran out of oil again!!! I have no idea why our boss doesn't order oil on time. It was warmer outside then in. We found a small gas can with oil in it so we put that in the tank. It kind of warmed up by 11:00am, by 1:00pm it was gone and so was everyone I work with. I stayed because I missed yesterday because of the snow storm and I need the money. Tomorrow I'm going to wear long johns, and gloves. For some reason I think we'll be out tomorrow too. If I wanted to work in the cold I would have an outside job. I hate being that cold all day. I've been home now for an hour and I still haven't warmed up. I need to take a hot bath. When I tell people this they ask me why I work there. I love my job and we are moving to a new building soon, it's rented and the heat will never run out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband was sweet, after he got out of work he stopped by with a coffee. I love that man. He knew I didn't have heat because I text him on the phone all about it, words I can't write here. I'm just glad to me home!!

I'm going to try to find more things around the house that I really don't need to put in the yard sale. Every little bit helps. I have a feeling that as I get boxes going I will get sick of them in the basement and just bring them to Goodwill or give them to people who need the stuff. I just want the house to be clean, and it to look more organized. I'm all about things being organized. The more I watch those shows like Clean House, it makes me want to clean. I did my closet the other day, and I just keep opening the doors because it looks so good. I still want to go though the clothes and if I haven't worn it I'm going to give it away. I'm on a kick, if I don't do it now I'm never going to do it. There was a time when I got rid of something and months later I was looking for it, and remember that I didn't have it anymore. I got over it. I don't even remember what it was now so I guess it really wasn't that important. A lot of stuff is given to us from family because they don't want it anymore. I see it and think I could use that, then it sits in our basement for months. I need to stop taking stuff. I think I'm there Goodwill or they just don't want to drive to Goodwill!!!!!! Hahahaha (IF ANY OF MY FAMILY IS READING THIS DON'T STOP GIVING ME STUFF I LOVE IT) I would hate for something really good to pass by me. It's worth it sitting in my basement and the trips to Goodwill.
Plus when I'm there, I look for thing!! I know, I know how am I ever going to have a clean house. I don't buy like I used to. I buy things that I will use or for things to be organized in. Well I should stop writing and get moving!! It will warm me up too!!

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