Sunday, January 11, 2009


I made these cards for everyone to write down some loving advice to Becky. I'm going to bring some to the hospital when she has her baby for the doctors to write something too.

This is the card I made for her. The ribbon was from my wedding so it made it mean just a little more.

This is most of the stuff I got her. I put it in a laundry basket.

On top of the stuff , I hung baby clothes on a clothes line with blue and white clothespins. I made loops at the end of the line, and tied blue ribbon bows. Then covered everything with a Pooh Bear blanket.

When Becky pulled out the line everyone love it. It was the hit of the party. That made my day. I would have to give thanks to Rick, the guy I work with for giving me such a great idea~!!

Becky got everything she need and more. She made out very well.

Her Aunt made a cloth diaper cake.

I didn't do a guess book, I did a guess picture frame. I'm going to put the invitation in it.

There was tons of food, and everyone had a great time.

After the shower was over and everyone was gone. Becky wanted to put everything in it place and call her mother to tell her all about the party and everything she got.

Keith and John wanted to help take down the decorations by turning on the fan. Only when Keith went to stop the fan his hand got all rapped up!!! Then they cut the streamers short and had fun with the fan on high. Men, the things they do.


After the baby shower I went up to my mothers to get Josh. She was watching him while we were at the shower. When we were up there I started talking about how my boss Cathy was having a 50Th Birthday party at a pool hall. My mother asked John and I if we wanted to go. I didn't want her to have to watch Josh longer then she already had. But she kept telling us to go it would be no problem she loves having him there. I did really want to go but I wasn't going to ask her to watch him. So we did go. I haven't really hung out with the people I work with. They are always talking about things they do after work and all the fun they have. So John and I meet Rick at the pool hall. I didn't want to walk in without Rick because he knows everyone. He showed us where Cathy was. We said our hellos and played pool with people I had meet at the Jessie make over. We got to meet a lot of new people too. I'm very shy, so having a beer really helped me relax. Playing pool, you would think I would be good being I have a table in my basement, but I didn't. I don't really play it. I want to but right now the basement is cold. When ever we have gone out to a pool hall I never tell people that I have one because then they assume your going to be good. We were there about 3 hour or more, then they wanted to go dancing. Everyone went to some other place I can't remember the name of. When we were in the lobby we saw that it was people much older then us. John, Rick, Stephanie (Rick's friend),and I stood there looking at each other and all turned right around with out going all the way in. We just wanted something a little more up beat. So Rick showed us a club. We had a few drinks there but not John because he don't drink. After a while we went to Cathy's house because that's where Rick is staying until he finds an apartment. We stayed there until 3:30am. We had a lot of fun talking and just hanging out. John and I didn't get home until 4:15am because it had started to snow while we were in the club and the roads were slippery. When I got up at 9:30am we had about 4-6 inch's of snow. So Saturday/Sunday morning was a fun filled time.

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