Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Don't get me wrong I love the snow. I just don't like what it brings. Like today, here I am sitting at my computer when I should be at work. The road are to bad for me to drive on. My boss wants me to stay home ( I know you wish your bosses would say that). They only thing is after so many snow days I don't get paid for them. It adds up after a while. Plus I really need to be at work we have a lot going on because of the holidays. I want people to get the furniture done for Christmas. So when the snow lets up I'm going to try to go in late and work late.

The other thing I don't like about snow is removing it from the driveway. We have a snow blower but the thing is so big. I don't have a problem running it but I hate when the shear pin falls out. Then I have to wait for John to fix it. Oh and I hate when the wind blows the snow from the blower into your face. The wind should work with you, in fact the wind should blow the snow off your driveway into neat piles that look like snowmen!!! That would be nice, I can dream.

Things I love about the snow are, watching my son and the dog play in it. I love how the fresh white snow covers all the dead brown grass. My favorite thing about snow would be, when you walk into the deep woods and sit. Don't make a sound, you can hear the snow falling and things around you like birds, and the wind through the trees. It's my peace of the woods. Even if you don't go deep into the woods, you can stand anywhere out side and there is less noise everywhere. There is just a peace about it. Call me crazy but I love it.

Well being I'm home and not at work I guess I could get some house work done, not that I really want to, but John is at work and that would only be fair. So enjoy your day in the snow you Mainers.

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