Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October!!

This month companies are pushing pink products in the name of breast cancer. So buy with care. Make sure your money is going where you want it to. I will have to say there is one place that is selling Sea bags for a cure!! They are the coolest. I'm looking at getting one. You should check it out at . It's a limited edition Pink Ribbon Sea Bag and 50% of the purchase price goes directly to the Maine Cancer Foundation. It's while supplies last so hurry and take a look. The other bags they have are great too.

You may think I have breast cancer by the way I'm making a big deal out of OCTOBER being the month of BREAST CANCER AWARENESS, but that's not the case. I know people who have cancer of all types. I know people who have died from cancer. I just like to get people thinking about how they can help other with cancer. Every little bit helps. I had my own scare in 2006. I was in the shower and found two lumps in one of breast. I even had my husband check to make sure I wasn't over reacting. He too felt them. So I made a doctors appointment right away. My doctor too felt them and sent me for a mammogram. I was only 30, and scared to death. When I went in for the appointment everyone was very nice, knowing your going to put a warm part of your body on that cold metal table to then only be pinned down by some machine you pray will stop before it become a pancake. They made me feel so much better. When they looked at the mammogram they saw spots. My heart stopped for a minute. I had to get my thoughts together. My mind was racing a mile a minute. This couldn't be happening to me. Not me, why me? They then sent me over to a ultra sound, and from that they could tell that it was not cancer. Thank God, lucky me. So from there on I thought about all the men and women (yes men can get it too) that went to the doctor and found out they have cancer. I was only scared for about an hour, because of what the mammogram showed, then I was told that I had nothing to worry about. So I think about the people who were told they really have it. Your life changes, , your thought, your plans for ever. Like I said it was only an hour I sat there and the thoughts raced through my head were unbelievable. So I feel for people who have it.

I know a woman in her late 60's, and she has a blood cancer. You would never know it by looking at her or talking with her. She is so positive about life. She goes to her treatments and comes out sick and hurt, but always jumps back with in days. I can't believe it. She says "when it's her time it's her time, but cancer is not going to take me!!" From her I have learned no matter what life gives you should always be positive and it will makes things a little better.

So Joshua, John and I help out where and when we can. We are helping with a bottle drive, and are looking into other ways to help. At this time we don't have a lot of money to donate, so we do what we can, and if everyone helped just a little that would help cancer research.

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