Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm Proud

I am very proud of my 10 year old son Joshua. I know to some this may be a bit much. This is the story. My son went to a drink machine at the high school track to get something to drink. He put his money in and nothing came out. He put in more money in hope something would come out. Nothing. So he now lost $2.00. He came home all upset about not getting something that he paid for. I told him I would give him the money. He told me no, because he didn't want me to have to give him MY money. That the owner of the machine should have to pay. I thought yes that's right but it would be so much easier to just give him the money and he still told me no. He wanted to get the money from the people who really owned it to him. I told him the only thing I could do is call the town office to see if they knew who we needed to speak to. Joshua said he wanted to call. I thought this would be a great thing for him to do. He would learn how it is to be a grown up. I found the number and let him go for it. I stood there as he talk. He did very well. The person he talked to gave him another number to call. So he called that one, they gave him another number to call. He called that one and got a answering machine. He let them know who he was, why he was calling and the number to call him back at. I was so proud that he did it all on his own. It took a few day for the person to call back but they did. I talked to the woman and she said it was very cool that Joshua called and how polite he was on the phone. Only she gave me yet another number to call. I called this one, and got the answering machine and just told the short story about the $2.00. They called back only we were not home. So the man had to leave a message on our machine, which I thought was a bit mean. In the message he talked about the $2.00 like it was nothing. He even laugh a few times about it.I'm sure to some people $2.00 is nothing but to a 10 year old boy that was hard earned money, and he wanted it back. The man said he would put two of his own dollars in an envelop at the front office, and he would get the money from the machine. Joshua job was done, he got HIS money and that was all is mattered.
So my little boy is growing up.


sooziebee said...

Welldone Joshua, know a few grown ups who could do with thaking a leaf out of his book!
Thanks for the tips on Maine, we have booked to stay in York Harbour for our first night, then somewhere (we aren't sure yet) for two nights then we are off up to Acadia Nat Park. Can you think of anywhere we can stay in between?

Steve Hildebrand said...

Good Job Joshua! Way to go! That was an extremely grown up thing to do. That was a great story with a great ending! Learning the value of the dollar...so important.


Ole Buford said...

One of life's lessons was learned and apparently very well. Good job, Joshua and Mom for letting him do it on his own.